Practical advantages of concrete mixing station     1 practical real-time data management system to save concrete mixing station production data. With a strong combination inquiry and various report output, automatically print the delivery note. 2 practical utility slump slump monitoring Small Portable Concrete Pump For Sale system monitoring system according to current curve mixer, the operator can be displayed visually determine slump concrete. 3 Intermittent structural characteristics of cement concrete mixing station 4 large discharge port silos, bagging is not expected (silos without vibrator) in the warehouse, cutting speed, less feeding time, feeding time can produce a car concrete cylinder moves small frequency, long life . 5 silo to measure how much the Big Dipper feeding does not affect the accuracy of ingredients. Zhengzhou concrete mixer 6 ingredients into one time and rise time, the silo to the weighing hopper feeding time is short, the ingredients time and enhance long time. So that the sensor has a full stable response time, small overshoot ingredients to enhance small load. 7 strong pull the belt speed with the computer, the inverter control, soft start and stop, a small impact, less sticky material belt. Various aggregates in a substantially fixed time out, mixing, lifting load evenly. 8 Using Frequency Control, in a short period of time can achieve high-precision dosing. Concrete mixer reload operation can not be ignored five requirements Only concrete mixer operation has some understanding and experienced staff to efficient and safe use of concrete mixer. Here off the machine with a long production time of manufacture of the concrete mixer concrete mixer summed reload operation can not be ignored altogether five points to share with you and hope for the operation and use of concrete mixers help;     1. concrete mixer concrete ratio determined by the desired amount of water, and adjust the time continued to plummet corresponding feedwater time;     2. Start concrete mixer concrete mixer mixing motor running;     3. concrete mixer discharge gate closed, adding the desired mix in the hopper, lifting hopper. Hopper should run smoothly and can freely stop anywhere in the track. If slippage should first hopper into the bottom of the pit, and then adjust the brake motor big nut. Hopper elevators normal feeding tube while stirring to start the pump after stirring cylinder to supply brake reliable;     4. After the concrete mixer stirring 25-35S, start unloading discharge door;     5. In the above commissioning process, schwing concrete placing booms concrete mixers found abnormal love cold weather concrete mixing station how to proceed electrothermal maintenance conditions, you should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting, and then in the second test, until normal. Concrete mixer running for a day after the new machine for lining and elsewhere bolts and nuts securing all the checks. Parts of transmission lubrication grease lubrication. Cold weather concrete mixing station how to proceed electrothermal maintenance

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